Development of technologies for starch modification

Our company – as a „spin-off” micro-enterprise – was founded for the development of modified starch derivatives. An environment friendly, waste free „dry method” was developed for the chemical modification of starch. A pilot-scale reactor suitable for solid phase reactions was planned and built. A pilot plant was also built to realize the „dry method” at an industrial scale. The nominal capacity of a pilot-scale reactor is 100-120 kg/charge modified starch product..


Research and development of starch based flocculants

We are developing a family of starch based flocculants called Greenfloc for different technological purposes (drinking water purification, treatment of special industrial waste waters, food industry and biotechnological separation etc.). The trademark of Greenfloc was registered in Hungary. Based on our experience at the pilot plant, a patent was registered for the production of certain starch based flocculants by the „dry method”. 

Floc formation and sedimentation in 0,5m/m% aqueous suspension of kaolin using Greenfloc 213A anionic flocculant.

Experiments for utilization of flocculants

Laboratory and industrial experiments with Greenfloc were carried out at several regional waterworks (Balatonfured, Mohacs, Lazberc etc.). Based on experience obtained from several months’ utilization experiments at North-Hungarian Regional Waterworks on Lazberc the Greenfloc 213A product is frequently used.

Development of other starch derivatives

Supported by the Hungarian National Research and Development Programmes the research, development of other starch derivatives (extended effect capsulating agents, ion exchangers, carriers, subsidence inhibitors) are also under way.

The description of the NRDP project – containing the objectives of the project, the participants, the features of the products, the laboratory and industrial scale results after a year work – can be viewed or downloaded (RNDP projectSlide show). 

Publications about our research

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Publications about usage of Greenfloc products