Pilot scale plant for modification of starch
Testing Laboratory for determination of stationary source emissions
Testing on the spot

Pilot scale plant for modification of starch

Solid phase reactor
Heatable liquid tank and compressor for spraying of reagents
Sieving machine and cooling trays
Storage and move

The Greenfloc flocculants were tested in the Waterworks as follows

Regional Waterworks
Lake of Lázbérc
Waterworks of Lázbérc
Danubian Regi
onal Waterworks
Wells and waterworks on Mohács island
Internal part of the plant


Testing laboratory

Measuring of gas concentrations
Handling of samples
Maesuring the mass of samples
Data transfer and calculations
Horiba PG 250C gas analiser and data collector
Calibration with test gases
Tools for gas sampling
Bernath Atomic 3005 total organic (TOC) analiser
Analiser and test gases

Testing on the spot
Measuring and collecting of gas concentration of stationery sources