Greenfloc is a registered trademark for natural starch based flocculants by the

Hungarian Patent Office under catalogue number 137 191.

Greenfloc flocculants

Flocculants are water soluble, large ionic polymers (polyelectrolytes) that can be used in drinking and wastewater treatment and in the clarification step of other technologies. Flocculants enhance the sedimentation and filtration of colloid size particles in aqueous suspensions by agglomerating them by charge neutralization and bridge forming. Depending on whether the surface of the particles have a negative or positive charge, anionic or cationic flocculants may be used. 

Floc formation and sedimentation in 0,5m/m% aqueous suspension of kaolin using Greenfloc 213A anionic flocculant.

Advantages of Greenfloc compared to synthetic flocculants:

 Renewable source of raw material

 Environmentally degradable after use

 Neither the polymer nor its degradation products are toxic

We mostly recommend Greenfloc starch based flocculants for the fields where their favorable features may be especially advantageous: drinking water treatment, food and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry.

Greenfloc 213A anionic flocculant

Licence: OTH-2748/2003

Safety data sheet (downloadable in pdf format)
User guide (downloadable in pdf format)

Greenfloc 310 anionic flocculant

Licence: OTH-2023/2006,

Safety data sheet (downloadable in pdf format)
User guide (downloadable in pdf format)

Greenfloc 120 cationic flocculant

Licence: OTH -2653/2004, .

Safety data sheet (downloadable in pdf format)
User guide (downloadable in pdf format)

Starch based scale inhibitor 

This scale inhibitor is an environment-friendly, highly ionic, water-soluble starch-phosphate, that prevents the formation and growth of micro crystals in thermal waters or saturated and oversaturated aqueous solutions, as well as impedes the deposition of colloid size solid particles in feed-lines and other technological equipment. The product contains a small amount of phosphorus (2,4 m/m%).

Greenphos L scale inhibitor

Licence: OTH-5456-3/2007

Safety data sheet (downloadable in pdf format
User guide (downloadable in pdf format)